Wendy Shuey has lived both the city life and the desert life. From the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia to New York City to Los Angeles and finally beloved Taos, New Mexico. After 22 years as a professional and successful Filmmaker/Producer/Editor in NYC and LA, Wendy relocated to Taos over a decade ago and has shifted gears into real estate, serving primarily her Taos community. In her spare time, Wendy loves playing music as a percussionist since age 10, as well as film projects. She also enjoys spending time with friends, cooking healthy meals, hiking, camping, and biking. Wendy volunteers with Taos Elders and Neighbors Together to assist members with their Advanced Directives. The Taos community consists of many artists, musicians and “do-ers” to ensure the town thrives with an abundance of creativity! Wendy has hopes for new Taos residents to contribute in some way to this colorful community. Of course the gorgeous natural surroundings of Taos are also a bountiful bonus.

"Let's make your dreams come true"